Air Tahiti Nui Royal Race

Get ready for the 5th edition of the Air Tahiti Nui Royal Paddle race 30th March 2019 which will be, for the first time in it's history, part of the EuroTour as a 3 star Regional Event.

The EuroTour elite competition, a 14 kilometer race taking place amongst the beautiful scenery of Pointe Venus, will also be part of the French Polynesian Surf Federation calendar. The event sponsored by Air Tahiti Nui and Tahitian brand 425 Pro is a full Polynesian festival experience- not simply one race- and will welcome international and local paddlers from all levels and experience, elite or amateurs.

As part of the EuroTour, 15 elite riders will get their boards sent to Tahiti courtesy of Air Tahiti Nui freight, arranged by EuroTour.

Contact The Crew at EuroTour for further information and note that if you start from Europe, your boards will need to be sent earlier; competitors will have until February 28th to leave their boards in Montpellier, France, where the transport starts thanks to Eurotour and Air Tahiti Nui.

Other paddlers can receive a discounted rate from 5% to 20% on their airfare, organised by Air Tahiti Nui booking offices in Paris, Japan, New Zealand and Los Angeles. Great deals by Air Tahiti Nui. Any athletes or tourists need to fill in registration form to participate in the event and need to contact the organiser.

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This year, some of the best paddlers in the world will have the opportunity to challenge a strong group of athletes from Tahiti and the surrounding islands, as Vaimiti Maoni, Georges Cronsteadt, Enzo Bennett, Bruno Tauhiro, Steve Teihotaata Niuhiti Buillard, Keoni Sulpice, Heilani Cronsteadt, Vaimiti Moani and Hina Yiou  will be in attendance.

We are expecting big names coming from Europe and the rest of the world, Olivia Piana the new ISA world champion, defending EuroTour champion has already confirmed her presence. Expect a very strong field competing in this edition of Air Tahiti Nui Royal Paddle race which has increased its participation quota by 30%, offering space for 240 athletes, compared to 186 in the previous year’s competition due to the success of the event. The elite race is over 14 KM with 3 buoy turns offering a variety of conditions, flat water mixed with chop, headwinds and  downwind, great for all levels and for spectators.

The event is run and organised by the Air Tahiti Nui Paddle Association, the goal of the association and the event is to introduce paddling to those in Air Tahiti Nui, as well as to the Fenua. Another main goal is to help Fenua ambassadors make themselves better known internationally, as well opening up  French Polynesia to international athletes  to take part in the SUP and Prone races.

This year the Air Tahiti Nui Paddle Royal Race  race has introduced an iSUP category for both elite and amateur paddlers, as well as the Tama children's race opening up the race to international paddlers travelling with their iSUP,  and encouraging  tourists and residents on the island to get involved.  There is also an all round SUP category, making it a true all round paddle event! An entertainment and event village is planned on the beach, with free activities, and opportunities to test paddle equipment.

The Program for the Air Tahiti Nui Paddle Royal Race is as follows:

    •       Elite and Novice Long distance race (iSUP and rigid category)

    •       Elite and Novice Long distance prone race

    •       Elite Beach Race (iSUP and rigid category)

    •       Giant SUP Race (6 paddle team)

    •       Tama Race (Childrens race 6 – 11 years old)

As part of the event there will be a public lottery will include :

One 12’6 x 27 paddle offered by 425 PRO

One round trip flying ticket offered by Air Tahiti Nui

One drone DJI Phantom 3 offered by DJI Tahiti

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This year the Air Tahiti Nui Paddle Royal Race offers a travel package that includes

    •       Air Tahiti Nui air plane ticket

    •       and/or Air Tahiti plane ticket for Tahiti and other islands

    •       and/or a return ticket to Moorea on the Aremiti ferry (including a visit to the Coral Gardens)

    •       Discounted rate for transportation of your iSUP

    •       Registration for the Air Tahiti Nui Paddle Royal Race

If you are ready to go contact Nanihi at Moana Voyages for holiday packages.

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See you on the water - EuroTour Team




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